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Everyone has inside themselves vast resources for development to grow towards the fulfillment of their unique identities, which means that self concepts are not unalterable.

Mearns & Thorne: 1999, p14

What is Counselling?

For those of us that have issues in our lives and who struggle to cope, finding out if counselling would help us is the first step towards getting some help. I have put together some information about counselling and what it means for you.

The Aim of Counselling

The aim of counselling is to give you the opportunity to explore your concerns and feelings, which are affecting your life in an accepting and non-judgemental environment, helping you to discover what might be the underlying causes, clarify ways of living more effectively and move towards a greater sense of well-being, freeing yourself to lead a more full and rewarding life. Counselling is collaborative process that involves the development of a unique, confidential, helping relationship.

Having someone to talk to can be enormously beneficial in enabling you to take control of your life, become unstuck, iron out your issues and move forward. It can be an opportunity to think the unthinkable and speak the unspeakable without fear of what others might think.

Counselling is about Change and Development

At times we have worries, feel low or are anxious: some things we can deal with by talking to family or friends, but there are times when these concerns cannot be shared with loved ones. Many of us feel at one time or another that life seems temporarily overwhelming. Perhaps you are wondering why you do what you do or why you react to situations in the way you do, or you may be experiencing some difficulty in your life either from past or present trauma or from life changing events.

You may have reached the point if your life where you feel things need to improve and that you need help and support in achieving this. Whatever your concerns at the moment, counselling gives you someone neutral to listen to what you are saying. You are not given advice but helped to arrive at your own informed decisions and find your own answers.

An opportunity to become empowered to make decisions for yourself . . .

Client Feedback

"I went to see Wendy feeling my world was chaotic and had no control over this, but I now understand myself and have taken control of my life"

Female client, 22

"I seemed to have lost my confidence and my way. I did not feel I was good enough for anything. Wendy was able to open that door again to show me the way to prove I was a capable person."

Male client

"After the trauma I had experienced, I did not think I would be able to go back to my job, but this counselling has supported me back to myself"

Male client.

"I have had someone to 'off-load' to during a very difficult time with my partner. I do not know how I would have coped without this outlet"

Male client.

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